A little better than a boy band,
A little worse than everyone else...


The Idea for No Refunds came in Early 2002 when in a talk with his sister in law at a family reunion Seth (Lead Singer) was told he should start a band. He responded "If I did, it would have to be called 'No Refunds', that way people know what they are getting, and we don't end up broke." From there No Refunds was formed in September 2002; when messing around they came up with their first song self titled No Refunds. The song was recorded as the lyrics where thought up and it showed.

The debut album titled "2 Dollar Refund Yall" followed in December 2002, just in time to give it to everyone as a Christmas gift. Oh happy days.

Seth Knorr is also a touring stand-up comedian that performs throughout the country. He also started the Clean and Funny Comedy Booking Agency, that books some of the best comedians in the country. No Refunds has finished its second album which is set to be in early 2006 titled "Blue Light Special". Location is everything, so it basically is a free advertisement of where you will shortly be able to purchase it from. The third album "No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Excues", should be released sometime in 2007. Make no doubt about it, No Refunds is all about quantity and not quality.

There are three main members of No Refunds lead singer and song writer Seth Knorr, Guitarist Daniel Flood and Drummer Bernie Flood. Although the band has had several drummers that have recorded songs with them, as well as a base guitarist and even other singers. No Refunds is really just the equivalent to a pick up game of basketball. Whoever comes out plays, and thankfully it shows!

"That sounds sicker and sicker every time I hear it." - Tim Wise
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No Refunds is part of the Clean and Funny Comedy Tour. All content & songs ©Copyright 2003-2014 No Refunds, & Seth Knorr or other artists respectively - All Rights Reserved


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